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 “There is no disputing that The Handsome Little Devils are a rare breed of artists, performers, and individuals.  The work they present can only derive from an environment in which there is a sincere devotion to their craft and a humble ambition to make a meaningful contribution to the performing arts, and to the world.”

–David Crellin  (Collaborator and Mentor of The Handsome Little Devils)

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Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama

A living cartoon a la Wile E. Coyote featuring high-skill circus arts and slapstick!

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Conjure: Magic Comedy & Necromancy

A lightheartedly macabre romance that would make Houdini jealous!

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The Stage Stage: It’s More Than a Stage

It’s a work of art! Our own touring stage. Rent the stage for your own programming, or have us book the talent from our vast network of internationally-acclaimed variety performers, musicians and speakers!

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 Special Events: Festivals Fairs and Corporate

Crowd-pleasing, energy-packed performances that push the envelope! A unique brand of ambiance and atmosphere. Industry leaders depend on us for brand development, visual creations and customized performances to create a lasting impression.

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Our Team


MIKE HULING | Co-founder, Artistic Director, The Handsome Little Devils

Mike is an accomplished performer, show creator, visual artist and set designer. He has performed on TV shows such as 30 Seconds to Fame and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has performed off-Broadway in Squirm Burpee as well as a tribute to Bill Irwin. He has opened for Les Claypool and performed with Michael Franti, and he has brought down the house dancing with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. He is the co-creator of the original Handsome Little Devils show, as well as Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama and Conjure. Along with his partner, Cole, he has been a creative consultant for such clients as the New Belgium Brewing Company (Tour de Fat), Manhattan Creative Group (Bosque, Verano, The Rainmaker) and Ghost Orchid Films (Decay). Production Design credits include Squirm Burpee, I Love Lolo, Bosque, Verano and his first film set: Decay, directed by Academy-Award Winner Joseph Wartnerchaney. In 2009, Mike’s interactive kinetic sculptures gained the Handsome Little Devils the award for Best Street Artist in Denver. Mike’s background in visual art has given him the determination and attention to detail to create museum-quality art pieces that command the stage and screen.

COLE S. HULING | Artistic Manager

Cole is a producer, writer and performer living in Denver, CO. She joined the Handsome Little Devils after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in Dramatic Writing. She is a co-creator of both Squirm Burpee and Conjure. She originated the role of Lolo in Squirm Burpee and continues to lend her comic performances to the role of Abigail in Conjure. She made her off-Broadway debut in Squirm  in 2010, when she also got the chance to serenade Bill Irwin backed by a chorus of clucking chickens. She debuted her stilt-walking act performing with Michael Franti and the Yard Dogs Roadshow, while a major highlight of her career will always be catching an egg 3 feet from a running chainsaw on the Filmore Auditorium stage opening for Les Claypool. Cole’s degree in Dramatic Writing has given her a hunger for development, and she can’t resist creating new works with the Handsome Little Devils. As company manager, Cole has helped to bring the Educational Outreach program to the forefront of the HLD’s goals. Getting back to her roots in film and TV, Cole recently produced the feature-length indie horror flick Decay, for which the Handsome Little Devils provided the set design.

DAN HULING | Co-Founder, Paddle-Ball Guru:

Dan is a world-renowned comedic performer, paddle-ball guru and visual artist. While attending CSU with his brother Mike, he studied art, engineering and theater. In 1999, the brothers officially founded the Handsome Little Devils and began touring the world. Dan is a co-creator, writer and designer for Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama, which he named.  Dan has performed on 6 continents (1 more than his brother Mike), hosted international performing arts festivals and even appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has helped shape the aesthetic themes for several major festivals, including the Christchurch World Busker Festival and the New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat. Dan’s work has been seen from Guatemala to Japan, off-Broadway, and all across the United States and Canada. In 2009, Dan’s interactive art pieces gained the Handsome Little Devils the title of “Best Street Art of 2009” by the Art District Awards.  During his sellout run of the Devil Dan Show in New Zealand, he was called a “young Steve Martin” and won the People’s Choice Award for best act. Dan is currently touring with his solo show and manages a touring circus tent called Le Tigre.  In addition to creating many of the beautiful props, sets and costumes in the Handsome Little Devils’ repertoire, Devil Dan is the creative genius behind the Stage Stage (It’s More Than a Stage).

JOSEPH WARTNERCHANEY | Director/Producer Conjure, The Devils' Workshop

Joseph is a nationally recognized film and live performance creator and producer whose motion pictures include: Tuscaloosa and Boy Meets Girl, as well as live performances: Broadway’s Squirm Burpee a Vaudevillian Melodrama, the Amazing Race Live, Rock Band Live!, Séance; a Multi-Sensory Experience, Carnaval de Fuego, Bailamos, Payaso, Survivor Live! and the Hip HopSicals Live! to name a few.  Joseph is a highly respected creative and technical advisor within the theme park industry where he has created award-winning productions for the Six Flags Corporation, Cedar Fair, Busch Gardens, Parc Management and Knott's Berry Farm. Joseph has also consulted and advised many live productions and special events outside of the theme park community including the Ms. Colorado and Ms. America Pageants, the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and the Denver Center Theatre Company.  In 1999 Joseph co-founded the production company Homewrecker Films with partners Ben Smith and Rich Volp. He has acted as producer on many television commercials and original made for TV specials.  His collaborators in the television world have been Quiznos Subs, McDonald’s, TLC, and Turner Classic Movies. Since its onset, Homewrecker Films has won an Academy Award, multiple film festival awards (including Best Picture at the New York International Film Festival and Best Picture at the Stars Encore Film Festival) and an Emmy Nomination.



Since the year 2000, the Handsome Little Devils have brought comedy, Vaudeville and circus arts to audiences around the globe. Our extensive performing resume includes international street theatre festivals, corporate events, television and performing arts centers.

In 2007, our company underwent the first of a few evolutions when we debuted Squirm Burpee for the first time on a Performing Arts Center stage (Omak PAC, Washington). Shortly thereafter, our founders, Mike and Dan, performed together on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Since then, we have embarked on 2-3 national tours each year!

Some venues of note include Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY; Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel, CA; the Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO; and the Queens Theatre in the Park, NY.

We work with a range of corporate and private clients such as New Belgium Brewing Company, for which we have acted as creative consultants, image specialists and performers (Tour de Fat, 2002-2013). We have customized events for Harley Davidson, Six Flags, Pepsi and the Ritz-Carlton. We have headlined events for the Denver Tattoo Convention, the Colorado Chocolate Festival and the California Worldfest, and we have opened for such rock bands as the Yard Dogs Road Show, Michael Franti and Les Claypool.

In 2006, we began the Handsome Little Devils educational outreach program, which features instruction in juggling, dancing, physical comedy and circus arts. In addition to instruction in performing arts, we have created specialty programs aimed at engaging at-risk youth. These programs teach necessary life and job skills based on the Handsome Little Devils business model. We also have annual internship positions available for young people to learn basic shop skills, administrative skills and management.

In 2010, the cast of Squirm Burpee was invited to perform at the annual New42 Gala in New York City, where they paid tribute to Bill Irwin. Following the Gala, Squirm Burpee made its off-Broadway debut in the heart of Times Square at the New Victory Theater.

Following our successful New Victory Theater run, Squirm Burpee was invited to showcase at the International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) conference in Tampa, FL. Through the IPAY network, the company caught the eye of Playhouse Square’s Colleen Porter.

Playhouse Square assisted us in further developing Squirm Burpee under the direction of Coy Middlebrook. In 2012, Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama appeared at Playhouse Square’s Ohio Theater as a featured show in the Cleveland International Children’s Festival!

Also in 2012, we premiered a brand-new theatre show, Conjure, which brought us into the realm of magic for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised to sell out both the debut performance and our follow-up performance 6 months later! In 2013, Conjure landed a 3-month sit down at Denver’s Trocadero Theatre.

We continue to expand our work as creative consultants and fabricators for corporate clients. In 2013, we unveiled a new sideshow stage (The Stage Stage) for New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat. We also co-created and built the Rainmaker show for Manhattan Creative Group and Elitch Gardens.


The Handsome Little Devils are committed:  

  • To preserve American History through original, new theatre works that employ classic Vaudeville comedy, American storytelling traditions and vintage art forms.
  • To inspire BRAVERY amongst our performers and our audience.
  • To produce works that REDEFINE the theatrical experience and build a NEW audience.
  • To create opportunities for JOY and the abandonment of stress through LAUGHTER and IMAGINATION.
  • To bring families together and bridge the generation gap through comedy and storytelling.
  • To bring unique artistic performances and meaningful educational outreach programs to all communities– including underserved communities with limited access to the arts!


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our mission

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