Handsome Little Devils

How One Colorado Couple Built Their Careers by Creating Fantastic Worlds

March 11, 2019

On March 5, 2019, The Handsome Little Devils were featured in 303 Magazine.

There is no brief way to describe the local duo Handsome Little DevilsThey are worldbuilders, experience makers, magicians, buskers, performers, engineers, costume designers, estate sale experts, collectors of odd props, furniture refurbishers and clowns. Using all of their skillsets and more for each event they curate, Handsome Little Devils creates an experience that pivots on the unexpected. Their hard-to-define lifestyle is anything but boring, and they use every ounce of imagination to curate events that are beyond this world.

In the two decades of the Handsome Little Devils lifespan, their events have won awards, they’ve made a full-length feature film called Decay, they’ve collaborated on a nationally touring magic show with Piff the Magic Dragon and they just moved to Denver to transform a 1940s gas station into a mini-hotel, pool and event venue on West Colfax. It’s less a question of what Handsome Little Devils have already accomplished — although that list is vast and impressive — and more a question of how to support their expertly crafted oddball revolution.

“We are an art and entertainment company, with the focus on bringing high art to the entertainment. We’ve done full-scale theatrical productions, we’ve toured for many years with shows in performing arts centers. But we also create art, and we also create immersive experiences. That can range from festivals to backyard parties to giant corporate events,” one of the two members of Handsome Little Devils, Cole Huling, commented.

Although it is accurate to call what they do immersive, it is inaccurate to lump the Handsome Little Devils in with more recently trending immersive art. Since the Devils have been around since 1999 — long before the days of Meow Wolf and Instagram — it could be argued that their efforts throughout the last two decades have helped to catalyze local audiences to crave immersive entertainment.