Handsome Little Devils

Handsome Little Devils, Arrow Electronics win big at IFEA!

October 25, 2016


“The award is based on the creativity and collaboration demonstrated through Arrow’s longstanding collaboration with the Festival, as reflected through the Five Years Out Art Challenge and the novel and engaging street routines by the performance troupe Handsome Little Devils.”

CCAF Handsome Little Devils

This summer, we had the incredible opportunity to create some original, site-specific entertainment for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. With a sponsorship from Arrow Electronics, we created an interactive, mobile entertainment experience filled with world-class performers, music, comedy and contraptions. The shows were unannounced and unexpected–and the crowds were thrilled and surprised!

Without fanfare, we would enter the street with our parade of contraptions. The beautiful chanteuse Ursula paved the way with her gorgeous voice resonating through the festival as she traveled down the street on the Balloon Chair.

Throughout the day, we would weave through the festival and stop at an intersection, where one or a few of our fantastic performers would take to the street and throw a show with gusto! The crowds quickly came to love Mike the Handsome, Devil Dan, Yo-Yo Guy, The Collector, Ursula, Daisy the Cheerful Vampire and of course, the Muffin Man Guru. Between processions, we parked the contraptions for all to see, and we were pleasantly surprised to see crowds constantly flocking to the display.

The hard work apparently paid off, because Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Arrow Electronics just took home several awards at the IFEA convention, including the Pinnacle Award for “Best Individual Sponsorship” for the Arrow Five Years Out program at CCAF.

We are beyond grateful to have a relationship with a corporation that truly supports our vision and innovative approach, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with this amazing Denver festival!

Daisy and Mike CCAF group shot