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Elephants to retire from Ringling Bros. Stage

March 8, 2015

Ringling Bros.

Earlier this week, Ringling Brothers’ parent company Feld Entertainment announced that they will be retiring their elephants from the stage by 2018. We are very supportive of this move, as we love elephants and prefer to see them in a protected sanctuary or freely roaming in the wild, instead of under the stress of circus life. That said, we have known many animal performers who are well taken care of and lead very happy, healthy lives. We support the safety and care of all animals and feel that elephants are a species in need of protection.


Mr. Feld said the company’s conservation center contributes significantly to research on elephant diseases and reproduction, improving their chances of survival. The wild population of Asian elephants is estimated at no more than 40,000, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists them as endangered.


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